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Comment by K9 Nat'l Prez on December 3, 2009 at 8:15pm
You posted the question and I gave the comment and now this is how you react to it. Why post the question if you don't want people to voice their opionion without it being scrutinized.

I'm not one of those "pushover type guys," and furthermore, I'm the last person who does anything for money. If I was that type of person, then I would feed off the hype and negativity that I get from people who have given their comments and opinions about you all, but I'm not that way. I've never posted or said anything negative about any of you regardless of what I've heard when I invite people to your site and they give their reasons. I believe in learning people for myself and that cannot easily be done over emails and blogs. Yes, there are over 6000 people on this site, and that's great, but there are millions more out there.

I never mentioned a name nor a site with my posting, but you just did. I stayed professional; you didn't. You put me out there like this and expect me to continue being professional and respectable to you all. Well, I am and will be because that's the kind of person that I am. Maybe if you took the time to know me versus spending more time trying to get me to know you, we would be beyond this by now.

WOW. This is ridiculous! Apparently you all don't want a person's true opinion, only what you want people to read. Otherwise, you wouldn't have turned this into this. I'm not surprised at all though and already exptected it.
Comment by Tim Moore Sr. on December 3, 2009 at 6:38pm
First off my Brother, I informed U to the fact that U would have to be approved on all articles U write. So C'mon as U say, U are not committed to the WOS site, ur only committed to making money for urself and while doing so U are causing great controversey by which U are directing our members from WOS to such places as FB(Facebook) and Myspace which are free as U say, but what U don't tell the people U are encourageing to flip to the above mention sites is that Big Brother (The Government) is going thru their conversations with a fine tooth comb. Any an all pictures and conversations can an will be use against them at any time in a court of law, and all conversations and picture that are posted there can usally keep them from getting a job, or some pictures have been used to get peolpe fired, also just last week a lady on facebook showed a woman attending a party an her insurance company stopped hefr check because of what she posted, at lease on here (WOS) U have the freedom to speakout and to write what is of interest to U as it comes to the biking world. Honestly where will U fine more freedom than in here (WOS). Take close heed in to the conversation we (me and U) had before, I told U I will not for any reason what so-ever sugar coat anything. So with that being said let me tell U this for the very last time My Brother, this is a BIKERS social networking site, where people who want to deal with motorcyclist can come an talk about riding, education, history, an often times a little biker business oppurtunities, an set dates for parties. It has come to my attention that U are not really creating any POSTIVITY at all, it is more NEGATIVITY if anything. So why not focus on the betterment of WOS so that we can all work together
Comment by K9 Nat'l Prez on December 3, 2009 at 4:58pm
WOW!!! Just gave my comment and then received the message that it has to be approved before everyone can see it? C'mon. You're kidding me right? Why ask the question if the comments have to be approved first? Maybe this doesn't bother people that's brand new to this, but wow..... oh well. That's one thing in the column for a comparison.
Comment by K9 Nat'l Prez on December 3, 2009 at 4:55pm
Uh-oh. Don't know if I should address this one or not, but I prayed earlier asking for the right words and articulation before releasing my comments. LOL!

Honestly, I think any social networking site is a great tool, especially for businesses owners. What I like most about the WOS site is it caters to "bikers." Yeah, there will be some people who join just because others tell them to or they may actually have an interest in motorcycles, but at any rate, WOS seems to be a more positive and biker-friendly site, which in turn should be a healthy place to learn about and patronize people within our circle who own businesses or doing effective work.

On the flipside, sites like Myspace, Facebook, Blackplanet, tyVille, etc. allows "true networking" opportunities and really permits the right of Freedom of Speech. For example, I had an experience with a site (that I won't name) when I was introducing my book (that I won't give the title of) and I was nearly banned from the site and had about four different conversations with regards to the subject. The book is about the motorcycle community and it is as real as it gets, but because of the title and giving the website to view it, which is online-only, I was somewhat outcasted and unable to reach the masses of the site even when I offered a monetary contribution to the site to help in its causes.

So, for any of these sites to truly be successful and beneficial, especially when they're FREE with no membership fees to join, there should be the opportunity to truly network on them. Of course there should be boundaries, but why is some information allowed and some not, especially when its biker information. We limit ourselves and stay on the collision course of self-destruction when we "sugar-coat" the truth. I know there are many on these sites that have been on the biker set for much longer than my 12 years, but some things don't change and sugarcoating the truth has never equaled positivity. Who is it that we're catering to? Is it the public who may on occasion visit these sites or have a little bit to do with us or is it the audience who is supporting the site and in the battle as soldiers and not spectators.

Okay. I'm done. LOL! I like all of these sites and try to belong to them all, but there are so many now, that I've had to hire experts of each to represent me and my business on them.
Comment by Hot Rod on December 3, 2009 at 2:41pm
I love them BOTH.I use them for DIFFERENT reasons.I use MySpace for our club site,& I use WOS for my personal site.I feel that WOS is more like FAMILY,& MySpace is for mingleing.I actually advertise WOS on my MySpace page
Comment by Southern Star on December 3, 2009 at 12:00pm
Personally, I cancelled my MS account due to the students and the activities that were associated with some of their pages. I loved my career more than the networking and potential issues that could have developed. I prefer the WOS site for the networking given my interest is learning more about riding and interacting with others that share the same passion.
Comment by Carlton Hall on December 3, 2009 at 9:56am
Don't laugh! I have never been on myspace. Once I got started on WOS I was hooked. A friend then told me about facebook. So I use WOS for the Motorcycle family. Facebook not so much.
Comment by D. Jeffrey Blumenthal on December 3, 2009 at 9:17am
Some friends have talked me into doing the Toys for Tots event this Sunday, something I have never done before. For one, it's usually freezing, which is pretty much the forecast for this Sunday, and two, its a big crowd essentially walking their bikes up Western Avenue.

I don't have heated gloves, and that's usually the first part of my anatomy to submit to cold. I was advised to go to Walgreen's and get some chemical inserts, which I did. I have inserts for my boots and gloves. Now all I need is a toy, and I prefer giving books. Wish me luck.
Comment by HONEY BUNZ on December 3, 2009 at 9:03am
I like them both because it is all about the networking for me ~
Comment by Wilma C. Jones on May 12, 2009 at 9:33pm
I am new and just joined but I do not spend a lot of time on MS but I do belong to a lot of sites on ning.
From what I see so far, your site is awesome!

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