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State of the World of Soul™ Motorcycle Community Address


January 2013



State of the World of SoulMotorcycle Community Address



2012 was a year of stagnation.  Tough economic times reduced the number of riders on the streets and subsequently the demand for expansion.  Advertisers and sponsorship decreased dramatically while online contributions amounted to a mere $170.00 over the course of a year.


Website traffic dropped by two thousand unique visitors from the year before finishing at 100,633 crossing our threshold.


While over 50% of the site traffic were new visitors, the majority of the new members cited a referral from an existing member as their avenue to WOS.  However, World of Soul™ Motorcycle Community fell short of its goal to surpass 10,000 members in 2012.


Responding to the popularity of Facebook and Twitter, World of Soul™ Motorcycle Community established accounts and are actively pursuing engagement.


The lines of communication were paused between the Motorcycle Industry Council and World of Soul™ Motorcycle Community while we organize our plans for future opportunities.


Ride for CHANGE Ride for HOPE™, WOSMC’s signature series of events was cancelled with the exception of the national launch from Rainbow Push Coalition supporting PUSH Excel’s HBCU Tour.  This occasion may have marked the last time Ride for CHANGE Ride for HOPE™ collaborates with PUSH Excel under its current leadership.


The cancellation of events also revealed the need to have local representation to spearhead the interest of the national organization.


Ride for CHANGE Ride for HOPE Foundation stalled in its development as board members struggled to make a connection.


Talks between the American Motorcyclist Association and World of Soul™ Motorcycle Community to bring forward a co-brand membership card ceased in the first quarter as it was determined by AMA there was not enough margin in the program to share revenue between the two organizations.  World of Soul™ Motorcyclist Association emerged as the solution to encouraging the World of Soul™ Motorcycle Community constituency to combine its resources through membership. The ADVOCATE CARD™ was introduced replacing what was prior the World of Soul™ Motorcycle Community Member Benefit Card effort.


Marketing of the ADVOCATE CARD™ was postponed mid-year to pursue investors, additional marketing partners and a redesigned framework.  Subscribers remained patient.


Despite the challenges, World of Soul™ Motorcycle Community forged ahead while giving birth to World of Soul™ Motorcyclist Association.  A preamble was adopted and ratified by a body of members.


Presentations were made to club officials and local coalition leadership in several cities to introduce the World of Soul™ Motorcyclist Association preamble where the reception was promising across a wide range of groups.


For the first time World of Soul™ Motorcycle Community increased in staff with the addition of an administrative assistant and a number of consultants ranging from development, public relations and marketing.  Multiple vendors are at the ready to help increase its capacity to offer more value.


World of Soul™ Motorcycle Community became a notable figure in the political landscape when it was acknowledged as a bona-fide civic organization, certified by the State of Illinois Board of Elections. The move was to encourage civic education and not political, but programmatic, to create positive movement toward civic participation.


While proving ineffective in garnering the support of the traditional motorcyclists, it definitely raised the eyebrows and received substantial amounts of encouragement from a number of community organizations and commercial entities.  WOSMC trained many and has over 100 deputy registrars on its roster while drawing out civic-minded motorcycle enthusiasts, mostly independent experienced riders who did not know such an organization like World of Soul™ Motorcycle Community existed.

Our charitable focus will continue to target areas that impact the lives of young people with programs geared toward education.


Responding to the decline in the rate of online membership enrollment, a plan to create more connectivity in local communities through R.U.S.H. was introduced.  Riders United to Serve Humanity™ has been positioned as intermediaries between World of Soul™ Motorcycle Community and World of Soul™ Motorcyclist Association to deliver programs and services.


Under this arrangement, a network of directors will facilitate membership, programs and field opportunities at the regional, state and local level


In its outreach to corporate interest, World of Soul™ Motorcycle Community challenged the Director of African-American Outreach for Harley-Davidson Motor Company through World of Soul™ Motorcyclist Association’s marketing proposal citing Harley-Davidson’s claim to want to raise awareness about African-American bikers.  We proposed that World of Soul™ Motorcyclist Association be recognized as a national body and its members receive redeemable value through a marketing relationship to serve as their community reinvestment arm to the African-American community for the contributions made to the industry, loyal customer following and market profile demonstrated.


The World of Soul™ Motorcycle Community is a unique proposition that calls for steadfast determination without comprise to achieve its goals


Starting in 2013, a recruitment campaign, series of seminars and training for persons interested in connecting the WOS mission into local communities will be conducted.


We will move forward with the development of World of Soul™ Motorcyclist Association and continue to employ ways where member clubs of all types and independent motorcyclist can find common ground under one umbrella organization and be served without bias in a manner unprecedented.


In 2012, we have had some highly unusual challenges and some of them continue to this day.  Through it all, it has been my pleasure to serve you.

While a controlling element of the motorcycle community is inherently divisive, we endure through the storm for those who desire a positive outlet for their motorcycling experience.  To that extent, I am optimistic about the future.


I am looking forward to helping build a healthier and more vibrant organization in 2013 as we celebrate five years of advocacy for a World of Soul™ Motorcycle Community.


Keep the faith.


Yours in service,



Terry Hardy

Founder and CEO – World of Soul Motorcycle Community, Inc.




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