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After a recent incident that I won't get into...I really see that misconception that people still have about POs. Contrary to what a lot of people think they know about don't know shit about our sisters!!! A lot of people think that POs are nothing but hoes that get passed around the club to do with what we will and all that kind of bullshit...that couldn't be further from the truth. Many think that we go around talking to POs like they ain't shit, cussing them out all the time and talking down to them...also false. Its best that if you don't know what you are talking about..just shut the hell up because you sound dumb.


Let me tell you something about our POs..they are the backbone of the men they support. Many of the POs in our Nation are wives, girlfriends, sisters, nieces, etc. to the men they support. With that being said, why in the hell would we go around treating them like shit?? If we did that, we wouldn't have any damn POs!!  We hold our POs in high regard..if you don't believe me, disrespect one and see how fast you get fucked up!!! I hear a lot of people say "oh, I can't be called nobody property" and all that..that is your opinion and you are entitled to that. But that don't mean you can go around talking down on our sisters. If we don't do sure as hell ain't!!


There are many POs out there that got more seat time on iron than a WHOLE lot of you so called bikers out there. Our POs take care of us. Pick us up when we are stuck on the side of the road, feed us when we are tired and hungry from being on that iron for hours and hours, hell there are even POs that will bust yo ass just as fast as any one of my bros will. They are not the bitches and hoes you think they are. Remember that the next time you think about talking down about our sisters..will save you a lot of trouble. Bottom line being..keep your damn mouth shut about shit you know nothing about.


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Comment by Denise Stokes on May 23, 2011 at 10:44pm

AWESOME post. I love to hear a real brother talk. I apreciate your sentiment and the clarity that properties are women in the most honorable sense of the word. Most (not all) the guys I've come across respect women who respect themselves as a general rule. I tried that route for a minute but it didnt fit me. Half the brothers I ran across were every bit as respectful and loving as you point out, but the other half assumed they knew something about me because my vest said PO. They approached me with ignorance not understanding the depth of my love and honor for them - and my sisters. 

Anyway, I travel, I take on a million projects at one time and my interests are all over the map. So far, I can't quite find one group that really fits my whole flow and decided not to commit until I find somewhere I can express my (hip-hop, heavy metal, country, flower gardening, poetry writing, activist, world travelling, green-peace, hippie, soldier, vixen) personality mix. (LMBO)

Again, than you for your post again. A man's protective nature is one of the most attractive things on the planet.

Comment by E LOVE on April 30, 2011 at 6:49am

you on point bruh

Comment by Rebeca on February 3, 2011 at 3:13am
Well said..much respect. I am proud to be Property Of!!

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