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Do you think what happened to Micheal Jackson was a mistake? It wasn't. It happens all the time in hospitals all over the country. Do you think when a doctor said that the person died from heart failure that is was a real problem with their heart? No it wasn't, it was over medication of pain killers. Do you reall think that the doctor help to prevent it. No that doctor assisted with the death of your family, friend or loved ones. We all have to understand that they are people full of greed. They will allow you to lose your home just so they can purchase a hook for a holiday weekend. They will allow your family to go into the deepest debt knowing there is something more simple and cheaper and easier that will assist you. You also have to understand they were going to school as young children. Most of the time they partied, have sex, and drink and then they took their classes. If they pass with a C they are happy. What do you call a doctor who passes Medical School with a "D"? You call him or her a Doctor. Yes, doctors are over medicating your family and they are dying from it. Many meds are poison that does nothing really. Bad combinations will cause the death of someone you love or even cause damage to the liver or other organs. Think about the side effects that you hear on T.V. Doctors wont and are not allowed to tell you what will help you or even make you better. They make money each time you come in so why not let you come in their office or hospital until you die broke and your family continue to pay the bills. There are ways to prevent this. What do you do to prevent getting sick, or how do you heal your wounds. What is your home remedy that works? You may have doubt in what I am saying. I work in a hospital and so do people I know. I see Medical Doctors every day and help them work a pager, think for them when they cant. They can't even be calm in a dilima. There are people that can't even take your temp. the old fashion way. They dont know how to take blood. Ask a doctor, not a tech, and see how he can make a mess of things. Some nurses these days are scary also. Send a hospital horror story in. The best way to live longer is prevent sickness and learn to take care of yourself. Why don't you think Canada wont open their borders to the U.S.? They dont want to lose free medical care from doctors that know how to treat patients. This country has all this money and we still go broke over medical care.

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Comment by Stampede on September 3, 2010 at 2:43pm
You have a great point there, however there are people that place so much trust in the Health Care Professionals as they want to be called at the time that we have that faith that they will give us the correct answers. Many people dont really know what they must do or even question they must ask a doctor to ensure that all is going well. How about those who are too mentally changes or can not communicate what should they do? How about those who really don't know that the meds that they will be taking combine with the other meds they are taking will kill them? I know many adults now who still dont know how to use a cell phone, computer, or an mp3 player so how can they locate information on how to keep themselves healthy?
Comment by PIAGIRL on August 27, 2010 at 11:10am
In fact, it is the collaborative teams of doctors, residents, nurses, and other care professionals that are essential to delivering excellent care in a compassionate manner and ensuring the best outcome for patients. At the same time many patients don't act as their own advocate for their "HEALTH". Asking questions as to what procedures are being proform let a lone which medications they are on...:)

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