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GoFundMe to acquire replacement motorcycle

I’m having conversations about starting a GoFundMe to acquire a replacement motorcycle in order to reignite World of Soul Motorcycle Community and Ride for CHANGE Ride for HOPE.

Here is the issue:  Riding a motorcycle starting out as a way to have some fun.  But passion met with a new mission and purpose which turned into a business for community benefit.

There are (3) critical goals for World of Soul Motorcycle Community:

  1. Transitioning membership into World of Soul Motorcyclist Association
  2. Growing youth education and mentoring support
  3. Building the World of Soul Motorcycle Community Center for Youth Development

I would serve you by continuing this work locally, regionally and nationally. 

I've personally purchased (3) HDs, including the one pictured below.  It was destroyed via engine failure while in route to launch Ride for CHANGE Ride for HOPE in 2011.  I finally got rid of the bike about six months ago. 

Now it's time for those who support the vision, mission and purpose to fund the next motorcycle necessary to organize, promote and produce.

A GoFundMe campaign is just one of the strategies brought to my attention to help make it happen.

Agree or disagree?  Your comments are welcomed below.

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