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Affordable Healthcare, Lets March on Washington

Hey Yall lets March on Washington on this "Healthcare thing", where are our state and local Leaders on this legislation that is effecting us all. Let's organize ourselves, Grass Roots level and help tha President pass this thang. Are ya wit me, are ya Fired Up on Healthcare reform, Are ya Ready ta Go. How can good health for all Americans be Tied to your Employer? When one is Displaced, Laid off or Fired so goes Healthcare as we know it. My brother has Healthcare on his job but he can't afford to get sick or go to tha Doctor because of tha Deductible. This is just like not having Healthcare insurance. Can ya imagine tha stress on our fellow Americans.. I was laid off November 30th and couldn't afford tha High Azz Snake Cobra, so I ended up with someting i found thru AARP don't know if its real insurance yall. I will find out when they bill my Azz for that Emergency room visit i made last weekend. Diabetic Blood Sugar jumped time cause i was in tha house for 7 days eating, Sleeping pissing and Shitting. Did i say Exercise? Blaming this on an Act of God, that Damn Snow.

Hell Yeah i'm fired up and ready to go, give me a public option, who needs and insurance company anyway, gambling on ya good health and ya life expectancy. Only in America yall. Let's go People we need Health Care across tha board, affordable Healthcare for every one.

Tha World according to phillygravy

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