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February 2018 Blog Posts (6)

Honoring Black History in Motorcycling - Sugar Bear

Sugar Bear was born on September of 1939 in Missouri. Twenty years later he would have that pivotal moment that is known all over that began his paramount ride through history. In 1969 while cruising in his car on the freeway Sugar 

Bear noticed a biker passing by on a chopper, but he was even more captivated by the…


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Honoring Black History in Motorcycling - William B. Johnson

William B. Johnson was the first African American H-D motorcycle dealer and the first African American licensed to compete in national motorcycle competition. 

Wild Bill was born in the 1890s and was known around his town as a guy who…


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Honoring Black History in Motorcycling - Bessie Stringfield

Bessie Stringfield (February 9, 1911 – February 16, 1993), nicknamed "The Motorcycle Queen of Miami", was the first African-American woman to ride across the United States solo, and during World War II she served as one of the 

few motorcycle dispatch riders for the United States military.

Credited with breaking down barriers for…


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Honoring Black History in Motorcycling - Ben Hardy

Benjamin F. "Ben" Hardy was an African-American custom motorcycle builder who made the Captain America and Billy choppers for the 1969 Peter Fonda road movie Easy Rider. 

The Captain America bike, made from a then 20-year-old, heavily customized…


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Here's Why You Can Call Me A Snake

I was talking with a friend.  She began asking questions.  What's your birth date?  What time were you born?

The first thing that came to my mind is, "I am an Aquarius".  So that was my immediate answer withholding the lyrics from "Float On"" - it was tempting.  I know that was not the question.  So I let her speak on to learn why she asked.  "Everybody knows the time and day they were born", She said. 

I was born February 17, 1965 at 1:37am.  My mother was born…


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Welcome to the World of Soul Motorcycle Community family of riders


Something or someone brought you to World of Soul Motorcycle Community.  It may have been an email invite from a friend, a post on Twitter, Facebook or even Myspace. It could have been from a business card a member gave you that they themselves received of the table at an event, or from a friend who received a bunch of them with their patch and/or t-shirt order or even me personally.  The greatest among the many ways riders were invited is by word of mouth via peer to…


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