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I found a bike!! Yeah, and it's a rare breed at that finding a used one such as this and in the color I want... It is a Red Suzuki M90 (2009), and it has 671 miles on it... the seller wants 9500. Kelly Blue Book states $7130 if its in excellent condition. The seller doesn't ride and wants to get rid of it...  Is it different with negotiating bikes vs. cars, especially when buying from a private party? Chances are I would have to take an experienced rider with me to ride it for me and give me their opinion... and possibly help negotiate..??  Thoughts and suggestions are welcome ~ thanks!

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I negogiate everything!  The seller is crazy!  Don't pay more than the blue book value unless you're crazy too.  Don't get emotional about the the purchase be rational.  How much is a new M90?  Keep looking Cali. >Sorry
Thanks for your feedback ~ I am glad I looked at the KBB guide ~ finding a new one is close to $10K depending on where you go. New would be nice, but not at that price ~ I am good with a used one and this one still has some warranty left ~ I'm good tho ~ just happy to have found one out there close to me that is available.
Thank you Toy for the great advice! I agree with you 100%... it's all a process ~ and it's really helpful when getting feedback from others when making this type of purchase. I am excited and looking forward to the day I get my own ride Thanks again ~ Happy New Year to you!!
Thats a $2400 difference from what they want and the KBB price. Check for any after market add ons, like an exhaust system, custom paint, chrome rims etc.....Do a price check on the add on accessories. Then do the math. By it being a 2009 it seems this person is trying to get what they put into the bike.
Thank you Kawboi, I appreciate all the advice I have received. There were a few things I didn't take into consideration-now I know. I think the bike was sold, it's all good though, there will be another one.
WOW! I been reading through this thread, and I may have landed in the wrong place.As a life-long rider(bought my first motor powered minibike at age 7 with my paper route money) I have never understood this train of thought. It is NOT about what you ride, it is about the ride itself.
"It's not about what you're on, it is all about what you're in. Never been about the bike, always been about the wind."
getting the proper "fit" to make a rider safe is needed, but bikes can be altered to fit the rider. Size , weight, and power are considerations when bike shopping, but don't get caught up in the "specific bike" whether it be by model or brand.
Bikes usually fit in one of 3 catagories, sport, cruiser, and touring. Decide what type of riding you are gonna do and choose from the right catagories.
If you are into performance riding, sport bikes are the way to go. For day trips and overnight rides, cruisers are the best fit, and for long distance rides, the touring class has it covered.
There are, of course, sub-catagories, like "sport/touring" a sport bike that sets you up straighter for longer rides while preserving the "sport" feel, or "muscle cruisers" giving the added performance to the cruiser style.
Beyond this there is a true fourth catagory, choppers, bikes that were custom built for (and in the old days, by) a single rider's personal tastes and desires.
I would be what you call old school, and that is all I can share with you. I cannot help you with the "show bikes", since I still think it is a verb, something you do, not something you trailer around and polish.

There is a certain feeling that comes with motoring down the road on 2 wheels. For those who understand, no explanation is needed, for those that don't, none is possible. it is that feeling that draws us to the biking life, and make no mistake, it is a life changing event the very first time you twist the wick. You get it and are hooked, or you don't and you shake your head and build a "billit bike" as a monument of your lack of understanding, or just walk away.
Those of us bitten by the bug, no matter when in your life, cannot just walk away, we are hopelessly addicted to the wind.not the bike.


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