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What's your honest opinion on the general characteristics of motorcycle clubs as a whole as you see it? 2012

While some clubs take the lead in setting a positive example in the community by means of community support. Harmony at the club level can not be obtained due to the nature of motorcycle club characteristics. As a whole, they lack focus and sustainable direction in things wholesome and upbuilding. Clubs are divisive and conflict-ridden. In competition for members and revenue, the demand for the spotlight on a club is deemed essential to achieve its objective. In this case, the spotlight has to be removed from one club in order to give attention to another. This is often accomplished in the most brutal and suppressive manner nullifying any claimed unity process that may have been in the works.



Is this true??? If so, what is the solution?

What are your thoughts...

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I think joining a club is great but you also have to have your own backbone and presence of mind also, I don't belong to a club, but that's my choice, I prefer to ride, fundraise, and socialize when I want to! Not because someone else is calling my shots for me! I like group rides as well as solo. Bottom line, it's when I get ready! I served in the101st airborne division and have been riding for over 20 years, so at this stage of the game I can and will call my own shots, to me that's riding with freedom on your shoulders! Peace,D-Man

It all depends how the one from the outside is looking in, as some may see "divisive by nature" and some could see "diverse by nature". As nature itself is diverse and very unique and we can learn so much from contemplating upon its magnificence.

Being united does not exactly mean being the same or having the same characteristics at each given moment, that would make us robotic. The solution would of course be to lead by a strong positive example starting with ones self first, and then with others.....positive actions always brings about positive results, and let your community decide!!!

Hey Money this is a great Discussion, so here goes my 2 Cents!

The Lack of Harmony comes form folk joining the WRONG MC and then struggle with the folk in the M/C because they came for a different reason,

Example: If you joined an MC because you want to Ride with the group and be a part of a group dedicated to Community Service, and the M/C is all about the Party you will become frustrated and cause inner M/C Conflict.

Further Example: If you Choose to go out to for Dinner and Select McDonalds, and you go to the counter and ask for Pizza, they will tell you we do not serve Pizza. Then you catch an Attitude and raise Hell that is wrong!

So if you are looking to Join a M/C, Do your research B E F O R E you join to see if their Ideals line up with you, if not DO N O T Join that M/C Simple as that. Like one of the others have said there is nothing wrong with the Parties, and there is nothing wrong with being focused on the Community, Just make the right choice.

And further more WE need to stop passing judgement on other MC's that we do not belong to, and bad talking them in these streets,.......... you know how that will wind up!

So when you Drop your Kickstand with a M/C make sure you want to be there and accept their Mission completely!

Choosing a  M/C is not like choosing a Motorcycle where you can buy it as is and Change the Pipes, Engine Displacement, Seat, Fairing, Paint, Lights, Bars, Bags, Hand Grips, Wheels, etc etc. And it then becomes YOUR bike.

When you choose to join a M/C it IS what it WAS before you got there so in the words of a Biker helmet sticker "Shut up an Ride" (lol)

Much Love to the Board, I am just glad to be among you Brothers and Sisters of the Steel!

thank you for your post.

I fell it depends on the leadership and goals of the club. Recently, our club participated in an outing that promoted unity and bonding among the female clubs in the Atlanta area. Maybe, the leaders can come together in a forum and discuss moving towards peace and cohesiveness.

In response to Nur Muhammad's comments on motorcycle clubs, ....huh?

i've pulled away from a group because it didn't seem like family and was causing too much conflict,  I love to support and ride when I can and I like to see growth.  I think MC's are good if they are ran by the books, with supporting members and no dictatorship.


I've been with WOS shortly after it started and would love to see it continue to grow.  I know with that being said we have to also support it to help keep it going.


I would love to wear a WOS back patch that is recognized by and supported by other Motorcycle Club as a primary affiliation or a small front patch as a secondary affiliation if a member is already in a club.


As big as we are, we need to support "Money" and his efforts to keep this site up and running, a dollar or two here and there won't hurt any of us.  I love this site and I'm back to do what I can to do my part.


Let's support what we have and not always look at or wait for something to fail, there are still good people out here trying to make a difference without strings attached, look at what our President has done inspite of having his hands tied and no support from some because they are afraid to let him succeed and we all know why...

I think a large part of the problem is some of the old school protocols that are attempted to be enforced on clubs and individuals attempting to form clubs. Most bikers have a type "A" personality that resists against being controlled or not in charge. This causes certain clubs to aggressively attempt to seize "control" which causes conflict. This is just my two pennies lol and not intended to offend. Almost every area has a dominant club and as long as one is considered to be that, there will always be two or three more that desire to replace them = conflict. I personally know i am not in competition with any of my brothers and sisters, whether they are in a club or not. We just have to learn to respect each other and stop the "crabs in a bucket" way of thinking. As always be safe of there, and much respect and love to all.

hmm, While 90% of this post is unfortunately true. I argue that "Harmony at the club level cannot be obtained due to the nature of motorcycle club characteristics" is not a fully true statement. With, the diversity of riders increasing, a possibility of having less drama within an organization becomes more attainable. If the purpose of a club is to party, ride, and repeat; then so shall that cycle continue? If we change or purpose then we change our actions. The inhibitor here is the acceptance of the rest of the MC community to accept that a clubs purpose is not the same as theirs, and therefore if they should accept them as part of the community it is of benefit to all and not a violation of tradition. So, I then point to the Collaborations, Councils, and Committees who claim to oversee this process. If they should accept that a three patch means that one respects those who have come before, that it means we accept the "understood order of the set" and that we shall represent and govern ourselves in adherence to this, then shall a club be able to exist without such internal chaos. OK, that is my 2nd rant for the day.

At the end of the day we are people of African descent i have to look at you regardless of your club affiliation and treat you as though you are my blood bother or sister. As far as competition goes it's healthy, when it becomes negative or violent it must not be tolerated. We must  be more involved, visible in our communities as a part of that community as servants and peace makers. 

Clubs in my opinion, chose the path they want, either they start with strong bi-laws and a strong leadership, or just some nice cutts and flashy bikes. Many club members join because they want to ride and be seen. The oath doesn't matter and the bi-laws does not matter. These members seem to have the attitude that club bi-laws and rules doesn't pretain to them .

Club members decide how the club will go. I believe that strong bi-laws and members who are not afraid to reprimand and disipline, succeed. It doesn't matter if it's the president or an associate that is bringing the club down, members discuss, review and decide together, what is best for the club in order for the club to survive. Disharmony, wears thin on club members.It cause riffs, which causes division. Before these clubs know it, they are losing members. The focus in positive clubs should always reflect the "I". I will do better, I will strive to be better... These clubs may not grow over a certain number, but when it comes to working with the public and standing with purpose, they are there. In a very large motorcycle community that I know of, some of those chapters are successful because their members follow clear, set bi-laws. They follow their purpose. And, they shine while doing so. This motorcycle community have some chapters with members, who's only goals are to educate the general public and be there to help in any way they possibly can. They have a focus, and some of the chapters are pushed forward by following a set path.

By nature some clubs are divisive. Most because they chose to be. But if strong leadership and bi-laws are set in place along with a positive member body, I believe there can be success within more clubs


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