A Social Network Geared Toward Building a National Motorcyclist Association

What's your honest opinion on the general characteristics of motorcycle clubs as a whole as you see it? 2012

While some clubs take the lead in setting a positive example in the community by means of community support. Harmony at the club level can not be obtained due to the nature of motorcycle club characteristics. As a whole, they lack focus and sustainable direction in things wholesome and upbuilding. Clubs are divisive and conflict-ridden. In competition for members and revenue, the demand for the spotlight on a club is deemed essential to achieve its objective. In this case, the spotlight has to be removed from one club in order to give attention to another. This is often accomplished in the most brutal and suppressive manner nullifying any claimed unity process that may have been in the works.



Is this true??? If so, what is the solution?

What are your thoughts...

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Money it was good to talk with you yesterday, and as i said before the clubs here are ran by fear and until the so called men that ride motorcycles, step up and stop being cowards then nothing here will change especially here in Atlanta, However keep doing what you do and hopefully a change gone come, again much love to all your efforts and just know the hand full of us support WORLD OF SOUL, AGAIN MUCH LOVE FROM BIG CELL AND HOGG LIFE MC.

Hey Money, we've talked before on the club issue and not being a 'club' member, I don't feel qualified to address the 'club' issue in a definitive manner that may bring about a definitive solution to problems I've never experienced.  That being said, I immediately grasped WOSMC when I was introduced to it by 'Easy' of the Renegades here in Illinois -- the nature of WOSMC being universal caught me.  Being a motorcycle rider of a bit over 4 decades, and having rode in other countries for the sheer joy of riding a motorcycle over distance, an appeal was sparked in me that mayhaps I would ride other places and come across people who are also members of WOSMC; that was the hope of commonality that drew me. 

My life focus does not allow me to consider the bickering in everyday cosmopolitan society -- having faced traumatic situations and surviving gives me a freedom that I did not know life would hold for me and I refuse to let that sense of being go!!!  That doesn't mark me as being naive or ignorant, 'it' allows me to attempt to live as best and free as I can come up with in whatever I try -- I can truly say that I understand 'living' in the present moment whether it be so-called exciting or dull -- I can't truly say I can grasp 'one day at a time', but I can and do understand one moment of time to the next and that precludes and avoids a lot of unecessary foolishness of what ever sort!  Yes, I make and attempt to carry out plans; I'm human, but when they don't come to fruition, I don't wallow, I try something else.  Lot of words, but that is my take on 'clubs' as a focus of my motorcycle experience thus far in life.  I am my own leader, and if I decide to defer to someone else other than some issue that involves 'authority' of some sort, that is my choice!!!  And I don't like dummies!!! KingKongIckki

Hi Money. Yes there is only competitions and not enough support or fundraisers going on with our clubs today.Just one party after another.

I think it matters upon why an individual (or the group of individuals) decided to join (or create) an MC in the first place.  If you are joining something because you want to be "relevant" - which many of us do without realizing that is what we are doing - then the "social recognition, fame, awareness, glory, etc.." is what is going to matter most to you or the MC that you joined if it is made up of people that have that mindset.

My mindset, with my Chapter, is one that I really don't care about the rest of the world/clubs out there and what they are or are not doing.  Now mind you that is pretty much a BLUF (bottom line up front) statement that is not intended to offend; I joined my family because I like riding and I liked hanging out with them - so to me my MC is all that matters, I didn't join them because of "the set".

We support who we can, when we can.  We are obliged when others who choose to support us when and how they can.  But there is no competition with us to be in the number one spot, the lime-light.  We exist for each other not for anyone else.

Response from a fellow club mate:

This is so true and my solution would be for my chapter to continue to lead by example and not be in the rat race to get members and or the spot light when we do something we do it from our heart and what we stand for not for glorification of the set and as long as u stay on tht path right there all the spot light will stay on u no matter wht the situation is and its done effortlessly and members will want to be a part of what u stand for and not because they like the colors or the patch etc but because of what u stnd for which in turn will attract the right type of members

I think most mcs just need to go back & talk to the people that paved the way for us younger generation & get the true meaning of what a mc is & stand for.

Hey Calvin Carson,

Very nice and introspective comment!  I like!  I grew up around an MC called the 'Jazzy Ones' out of Robbins, Illinois in the late 40's, 50's & 60's.  They wore uniforms and knew some of the Black riders from other parts of the country -- I remember seeing Bessie Springfield once when she rode up from Florida, I was just a kid, but I still remember that big blue motorcycle -- they used to hold a 'motorcycle rodeo' every year and it was something to watch those guys do tricks and race and give us rides on their motorcycles -- full dressers they called them.  I've never been in a club, but I've been riding since 1966 and am now on my 5th motorcycle -- 3 used and my last 2 new.  I go on / been on rides with clubs / groups every now and then, but really, I just ride because I like riding plus I don't drink or use drugs, so not much sense of me hangin' out ( and I know everybody don't drink or use drugs, but it seems that all the riders I know drink and are always  offering me a beer or something;  not my shot!! -- being drunk got me in big big big trouble years ago and I prayed to God Almighty to get me out and I would NEVER drink again and I haven't!!!).  But anyway, cool comment!  Some of those Jazzy Ones are still alive, though none of them ride, but one guy,  Ben Harvey still has his 'full dresser' and it still runs!!!  KingKongIckki

I've only been riding about 5 years now but was around bikers for a while. My dad was big into it. So just by being around him & the club he was in thought me a lot. They had rules & regulations. A lot of the things clubs do now was not aloud. They had their fun but at the same time they helped people in the community. For instance this lady house burned down killing her & her 2 kids. Well her family didn't have money to bury them. Their club got out & beat the streets down raising money & had them a decent burial. Now that's love...

Amen, Brother, that's Love!

What’s good Money,

Interesting question. I read the replies from King Kong and Calvin and they reminded me of what the community was like back in the day, Rodeos, Field Meets and drag strips. Growing up watching my relatives ride is why I ride today. Some in clubs, some not, but they all got alone with the common bond of 2 Wheels. I wanted to be a part of that. I wanted to have that joy & freedom to jump on my bike and get it. That was an era of neighborhoods and communities bonding together. I’m talking about when the neighbor could whop that booty if you cut up. That era has changed with society’s change. M/C clubs are made up of those same people. Hence the same drama and competition you have amongst man to survive and get ahead, you have amongst the motorcycle clubs. Everyone has their hand out, some genuine and some not.

As for your question on ONE CLUBS SUSTAINABLE UNITY, yes it can be achieved for that one club, I’m talking in-house. As for a community of clubs, NO I don’t think so. It’s always the old ideology of too many chiefs and not enough Indians. A club has a hierarchy and you either obey or step off. One chief, one plan, and one vision it’s just that simple. Once you start talking community, that philosophy is gone and everyone has their own agenda and thoughts of what it should it.


That's a generalization that I can't go along with.  Some Clubs don't give a damn about the spotlight, they just do what they do.  Any given Club's dynamics can be as unique and diverse as it's role of members. 

I don' t really care for clubs, part of my reason for riding is the freedom that it offers. Some clubs tend to have lots of rules and regulations that don't work for me because it takes away that freedom that riding offers. I like to ride and most clubs are more social, I dont think they just ride enough. They go from one place to another, short distances, showing off thier bikes, drinking and eating. I dont wanna be told where to be I wanna go where I want, when I want and who I wanna go with.
Some clubs limit you from riding with any other club or individual. There is a club here that only allows Harleys and only Harleys can ride with them. But I have several friends who have beautiful metric bikes but if you belong to that group you cant ride with your friends who have anything else. "No limits"


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