A Social Network Geared Toward Building a National Motorcyclist Association

Riders United to Serve Humanity™ is the key component of Ride for CHANGE Ride for HOPE™

You are invited to become part of a national organization and mobilization effort through Riders United to Serve Humanity™ to deliver meaningful programs to local communities across the nation.  These efforts complement your existing efforts and creates an environment whereas resources can flow back into local communities.

Did you know Riders United to Serve Humanity, Inc. (R.U.S.H.) has been and is responsible for organizing Ride for CHANGE Ride for HOPE™ since 2008? 

You can be a part of history too by either joining an existing R.U.S.H. team or help establish a new one in your city.  We have a few months before November to get Ride for CHANGE Ride for HOPE™ moving so start now by filling out the form here to get engaged.  We are making progress despite the battle.  Crabs put up a good fight....  Those that feel what time it is fight back. 

This is our community.

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