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Professional Flat Track Racing Event in the Chicagoland Area Memorial Day Weekend

Last night I had a chance to meet George Wills and the Promoter of the Flat Track event taking place this Memorial Day weekend in Joliet, Illinois.

Flat track racing is the original extreme racing sport in America..."with its roots dating back over a hundred years . It is considered the oldest, longest-running and most traditional motorcycle racing series, and is commonly referred to as “dirt track” racing.

Its history is intertwined with board track racing in the early 1900’s. Originally, early motorcycles were used to pull bicycles onto 45-degree banked wooden tracks for races, but very quickly they began to replace the bicycles altogether. The motorcycles kept getting faster and more powerful, and pretty soon, the board track races had become too dangerous for both riders and spectators. As a result, race promoters started building oval tracks with earthen banks by hand, and flat track racing quickly became a hit with the North American public."  Read more here:

George Wills has bean racing since the age of 14, professional since 18 and is 74 years young. He will be racing Friday night.  He is a 14-time national champion! 

Come on out and see what the excitement is all about...

Go to for event details and ticket information.

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