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What do you look for when you are looking to join a club?

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Babe G this is a great topic. A lot of people when looking to join a club they look for the club that is seen the most or has the best parties or they like their colors. I feel the club is my family and of course you don't get along with everyone in your family but you are cordial to them. Your members should be positive people who want the same things for the club that you want. Just remember when searching for a club look around don't join the first one you hang with get a feel of different clubs because they are all different.
Babe G I really agree with what Jocelyn said.... You remember the short conversation we had previously. Most clubs require interviews and prospecting prior to allowing members in and you should interview and prospect clubs as well. You need to be sure that these are people you are confortable with and have things in common. That you agree with what they are doing and what their values are. Trust me I can speak from experience, When I founded Ladies First I had it all wrong and it took alot of drama and major headaches to get it right but we did. I think you should look at the clubs Visson and Mission and see if it fits within your views as well. You need to decide if you want to be in an all female club or co-ed check out all these factors before you settle on one club and just ride with them most clubs will let anyone ride and hang if not that is not where you want to be any way. All I can say is any questions you have ask them. Good Luck
Babe G, here’s my input. It is eightfold;

1. Be sure that the members are knowledgeable about the sport of motorcycling and not just a bunch of maniac riding fools that are subject to get you killed.

2. Look to see that the members genuinely care, respect and look out for one another. Pay close attention to how they treat one another because that is how they will treat you!

3. Make sure you are with people that you have something in common with.

4. Check the club’s history and reputation. Their reputation will be yours if you join.

5. Ask if the club has a focus and/or vision. Check to see if it is clearly made manifest in all that they bring forth. It should be a focus and/or vision that you can accept and move in harmony with it.

6. Does the group consist of actual riders? Not bar hoppers but state to staters. Remember the real reason why you purchased a motorcycle. Did going to a party have anything to do with it? No, you wanted to ride a bike.

7. Are the members of good moral character? Join a group that will build you up and not tear you down.

8. Look at the older members of the club and ask yourself, “Is this how I envision myself at their age? They will be your mentors in the game. They will shape and mold you into what they have become if you let them. Is that what you want?

I hope this forum has provided you with valuable insight as the importance of making a wise decision. Have fun and may your biking experience be the best of all of its possibilities.
Oh forgot one. Make sure all the club members ride Harleys. Because a Harley Davidson denotes class and status. The best ride with the best. Don't let anyone deprive you of your priveledge of being a Harley owner by being the subject of jokes from Jap bike owners. YEAH I SAID IT!!!! :-)
Now that last piece was some good advise!!! LMAO!!!!
Money, I wanted to buy a goldwing because I liked the bike and had to hear a long speech about a harley. The bike is made up of Jap parts and other country parts so it is not an american bike. It does look good but so do others. I'm not into the sports ones. I can say this because I have a 07 Road Glide and I do like it. I know that you were kidding because like people we come in all sizes, colors, and shapes. See Babe G when you ask a question about a club see where it can take you. That is club business because some like Harleys and some don't.
Yeah Sesamestreet, I was having a little he he ha ha with them because hear in Chicago Harley vs Honda jokes fly back and forth like the wind. I say buy what you want. Ride with who you like. I have owned every domestic vehicle made and some foreign. My choice is Mercedes Benz, S Class. The ride and engineering is unmatched. As for bikes, I have owned nothing but Harleys. I have ridden friends Goldwings and have rode alond with them. I have neve beat one in a race. That's where the laughing always stops in the Harley vs Honda jokefest. But I still love my Ultra Classic. :-)
IT not what you ride,its that you ride.I had honda, kaws, now on my forth harley a ultra classic screamin eagle. Ran over a goldwing the other day!!!
Money, you said it alright....before I ever rode a Harley, I would disagree. However, once I got on one, I can't stay off of it...The best ride the best, you dang sure got that right..
hay watch that Jap bike stuff... ride what you want Bike don`t make me I do, heck you can ride a Harley and not have Class,and be a Broke Buster also...Bam Bam said it
Thanks, Money!! Your "Eightfold Keys" for finding a MC has certainly given me some insight. I'm fairly new to riding and really enjoy the sport. I have entertained the idea of joining a club one day. Your advice will certainly guide me in the right direction. Thanks again. Be safe out there!


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