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 Tell the truth, do you ever feel like clubbing. Even if for one night? Do you think that you can get in there, dance and still hold on to your faith & beliefs.

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LOL 2x at "now he was partying!!!!"
Yes, it's all about you the individual. You control what you do. If you carry your self with respect smart people will honor it, Drunks is another story. lol. I'm around all types of people and it doesn't change me one bit or make me do things I shouldn't. If you not secure in God and yourself, then you should know don't put your self in any perdicament you can't handle.
Jesus didn't hang out with the holy, He lived and preached among the sinners. If you kow personally that you are not delivered from dangers in the club, your ministry must be somewhere else until you are strong enough. If Christian bikers don't let our light shine, who's going to encourage those who don't go to church about seeking God? My faith and beliefs are not changed by dancing. Lusting, over indulging in drinking, smoking "funny cigarettes", etc are things which play a part in altering faith/beliefs.
Well Bodyguard, I disagree with you. Jesus was at the wedding reception where he turned the water into wine, so the guest of the wedding could have a good time. The bible gives stories of the men and women of faith. Let's look at the other men and women of the bible who God used mightily, David danced out of his clothes in the presence of the Ark of the Lord, Abram and his sons had parties in their fields and camps celebrating different events that were important to them, and Jesus would not have turned water into wine at the wedding were people were dancing a having a good time if it was a sinful act. Remember, the bible tells us, He was without sin. So, I believe that its a personal choice, if you have a weakness in dancing or being at motorcycle club party then you should not go. I believe that God would not want you not to enjoy life especially something so trivial as dancing. I use to be under the some type of bondages: you can't go to the show to see a movie, you can't wear a red suit, you can't join the military or law enforcement, you can't dance, the women could not wear make up or wear pants and they could not wear earrings. I believe that a lot of things we are told that we should not do is because certain leaders in the faith want total control over their membership and if they have total control over you, they have control over certain amount of your finances. The bible does not say that you cannot dance or club, but it gives us descriptions of how we should conduct ourselves as Christians. I thank God for my liberty in Christ Jesus! I don't know about you, but I will serve the Lord and not man! Search the Word of God to see what harm is it in dancing. If you can find it let me know. If I am wrong about the issue of dancing than I will stand corrected.

Zodiac MC

Clubbing! As a person that did the DJ'ing thing from age 13 to 35 I am wore out but I still love to dance and sometime the Church gets me to do a dance for the Lord on mens day. But I would rather chill at home than to go out but when my Wife and I do go out we clear off the dance floor. As far as this biker thing goes I understand that the biker party is a big part of the seen more than I can handle. The Kingdom Knights MM only host 2 things each year a large Biker Sunday 1st Sunday each May and a real large car and bike show on Fathers day. Each event has up to 200 bikers showing up. We get that numbers of bikers in the DMV only coz the biker world in this area knows the Knights love and support them so we get support back. We only go to biker a biker party to clubs we ride with and know us and we show up to support.

Most clubs know that if Pres and VP (ME) show up it's love. We show up right in the mix of drinking going on chilling with a coke and a smile. Dance and get down talk to bikers cut a bit and gone by 12:00 am. We have that plan down and the biker communty knows that the Knights only ride at night not party and the fact we do what we say we do and do not do what we state will we not do they understand that a lot. All the clubs know that on Sunday morning we have to serve the Lord as Minsters, Deacons, Security, Sound people and a host of others. When they come to biker Sunday she see us in action and understand. So yes you can go out have fun and still love the Lord just stay who you are and not give in to others in the mix. But the more you hang out Stuff can happen that you could avoid. My Church host events that we can hand out with cut up dance in a room full of Ministries people with out Remi or jack black!! LOL

With all that said it's real work to get me out at night unless I am riding my bike my Wife has to push me out. For real I like my house I worked hard for. Now if you want to come over and cut up let's roll but just know at 11:00 pm I start going down hill!!




Just join this group, It  is a delight to see, Real Men and Women Of God standing up for JESUS. I am not a clubber, really wasnt before salvation and I am  not now, but what I like and still have a passion for  is a Hotrodder and Biker. I came from a very strong Christian Family and understand what its is all about. My dad was the only Deacon i knew that would drive a hotrod to church with open headers and get out in a 3piece suit and go have some sho nuff church,or roll up on his bike with an open header Kerker exhaust and wrapped the throttle before shut off and come in smiling. I  do believe that God sends us to the people we have the greatest influence among, not to become back the way they are, or you were, but to show the change that has been made in our life. I do believe God will not put or allow you to be  in a situation where temptation will over throw you and your witness not be effective. My club knew that when I became a part of the club, what me and my wife  was about. When we  attend biker anniversary parties, it is simply to show respect, nothing more, cause i do realize partying is a huge part of the biker community, my job is not to change you, but the My Light shine. My motto is Do You and I Do Me and Let the chips fall where they may, but one thing  I know for sure, I couldnt come out of darkness until someone showed me the Light, not by talking it but Living it, then helping me to understand how i could live it and draw others. The Lord Jesus has gracefully allowed me to have gain respect among my peers and I am humbled to know that others can see Christ in my life, so my prayer is that more of us believers would be willing to be seen outside the 4walls and flow where GOD allows you to and know that the Holy Ghost has Power to Keep those that want to be kept and will give you power to do the right thing at the right time, in the right place. One Love, "Messenger"



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